Artist Statement:

Nancy Sotka collects vintage ephemera, the paper fragments of life that are sometimes saved, but more often discarded: old letters, cancelled stamps, maps, manuscript pages faded with age. In these rescued pages, she reads a story of the past.
By layering this ephemera with painted elements in mixed-media works, she creates an unexpected juxtaposition of words and images.
On the surface, these collages are about deconstruction, arrangement, and relationships. On a deeper level, they can be read as visual poetry, forming new stories from old.



Nancy Sotka is an artist and writer who grew up skipping stones on the shore of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.
After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art, she began her creative career as a design stylist. She spent many years creating surface patterns and large-scale graphics for clients across the globe. She has also designed museum graphics, created identity branding programs, and taught art classes for children and adults.
Her mixed media artworks have been exhibited throughout Ohio. Her work is held in public and private collections, including the ADAMH Board of Cuyahoga County. In 2018, she was awarded a National Collage Society Award in the Small Format Exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art. She received Awards of Excellence from Ohio Collage Society exhibitions in 2017, 2015, and 2012, and was awarded an Ohio Arts Council grant for “Arts for the Handicapped” environmental artwork in 1979.
Her work was featured in Somerset Digital Studio, Spring 2013.
She currently works in her Cleveland Heights studio.